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We develop, produce, and sell titanium functional materials, focusing on key technology innovation and independently researching high-purity and nano products.

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Our mission is to create premium custom titanium materials.

We specialize in developing high-end titanium materials like high-purity titanium tetrachloride and nano titanium dioxide, catering to diverse industries including new energy and biomedicine.


National Patents

Our global collaborations and extensive customer base highlight our commitment to excellence and innovation in titanium functional materials. As an award-winning national high-tech enterprise, we uphold the highest standards in product quality and are certified by comprehensive management systems.


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High-end Functional Material Supplier

Based on the raw material of titanium tetrachloride, the company has been actively transforming and upgrading its products to high-end titanium functional materials, forming a matrix of high-end materials such as high-purity titanium tetrachloride (6N), hydrothermal titanium dioxide, fumed titanium dioxide nanoparticles, titanium dioxide, titanium oxide, titanium nanosol, and so on.

Gas-Phase Nanoscale Titanium Dioxide
Hydrothermal Titanium Dioxide
Titanium Tetrachloride
High-Purity Titanium Tetrachloride
Titanium Suboxide
Nanoscale Titanium Nanosol

Industry Applications

We are a leading global chemical company dedicated to developing and manufacturing titanium dioxide pigments and titanium additives.

Pearlescent Pigment

Makeup Product


Anti-corrosion Coating

Bipolar Batteries

Sewage Treatment

Quality of service
that no one can match

We offer an unparalleled quality of service unmatched by any other in the industry. With our extensive experience and dedication to excellence, we strive to deliver exceptional titanium functional products that meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.
Our team of skilled professionals utilizes state-of-the-art technology and the latest industry practices to ensure top-notch results we pride ourselves on our attention to detail.

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